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*In-person and online sessions available*

Frankie has been a guitar teacher since early 2020. Her goal is to aid her students’ musical journey along whichever path they wish to take. Having taught a variety of students, from young children and adults starting at square one, to songwriters, performers and advanced guitarists who want to better their technique, theory or study specific styles, Frankie has formed a unique teaching methodology. 

‘I approach my teaching with the idea that not one individual will learn in the same way. Therefore I aim to constantly assess each student’s progress and learning, adapting my teaching to their specific needs.’

After each session, Frankie designs and creates materials including videos, chord charts and diagrams, and notes with reminders and explanations from the session. These materials aid visual, auditory, and reading/writing preference learners, and are tailored to each individual to ensure their home practise is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.




Frankie has been teaching my teenage son for two years. Her lessons are enjoyable without compromising her professionalism. He has learned a lot from her and enjoys his classes. Living on the other side of the country means the online lessons are perfect.



After recently booking my first job as an actor-musician I really needed the help to get my guitar skills up to scratch. Frankie was excellent in figuring out my current skill level and knowing what exercises would help me progress. She really centered the lessons around my individual needs and tailored the lesson material to suit my goals as an actor-musician. I would recommend her to anybody who like me already had basic skills and is looking at furthering their technique and knowledge!



With guitar there is no one size fits all approach; and this is where Frankie shines as a tutor to me. All lessons and resources are tailor made to your own goals and the player you aspire to be. An all round lovely human that I could not recommend enough!

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