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Frankie South is a professional guitarist based in London, UK, working in theatre, recording sessions, live shows and education. She is currently on tour with the German production of ‘We Will Rock You’; the Queen musical by Ben Elton and Queen, touring across Europe as Guitar 1. After completing her Professional Musicianship degree in Brighton, 2019, she was promptly swept onto the scene of musical theatre, performing as a dep guitarist in the award-winning West End show; Six The Musical. From here she was selected to perform as the official guitarist for the UK Tour production (2019/2020), showing in theatre venues of up to 2.5K capacity. This then continued until the end of 2021. During this tour, she also got involved in a televised performance at Wimbledon Studios as lead guitarist for Iranian artist ‘GOLA’, who was protesting for women’s rights in Iran.
Throughout the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, Frankie continued to work from home, performing remote sessions for songwriters and artists from her home studio. This includes being approached to remotely film and record a session for LA drag queen, Vicky Vox, for her recent YouTube series; The Vicky Vox Project. 

Frankie plays guitar for a number of bands and artists, including Remember Monday and Vicki Manser. As well as being part of live shows, she recently recorded acoustic and electric guitars for Vicki Manser and producer Tim Prottey-Jones, for her 2022 album release; Playtime’s Over X. This shot straight to number 1 in the UK Country Charts, and number 45 in the main UK charts.

After studying ‘Music Teaching Practise’ for a year, Frankie offers private tuition via online lessons. See more about her teaching experience and methodologies on the ‘Tuition’ page.

Brighton is where Frankie has an abundance of experience playing in well known venues. Prior to completing her studies, she has worked with many bands and artists honing her technical skills in a variety of styles and genres. Being involved in multiple projects has enhanced her awareness as a guitarist and a musician. Having performed in studios, gig venues, large theatres across the UK and Europe, and taking part in multiple songwriter workshops, Frankie can adapt her playing to a variety of scenarios and environments.

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